Soundcards? Need Suggestions

I’ve decided to get back into Cubase after a very long time off. I’ll be updating my version 4 sometime soon. My last soundcard was an Echo Audio Gina 24/96 and I’ve just found out that Echo Audio does not support this card with Win 10 drivers so it’s time to start looking around for a new sound card.

What is the market currently offering in the prosumer arena? I’d prefer PCIe and to stay away from USB and Firewire (if that is even still used for soundcards?) I’d obviously prefer low latency and to keep the cost in the sub-$600 dollar range if that’s possible. I will be using it exclusively for home recording and would like to be able to have some sort of breakout feature that would also accept analog inputs and outputs.


just RME with PCIe

There is not really a good reason to stay away from USB anymore.
Just FYI.

If you aren’t finding a good PCIe option in your pricerange… a lot of people do fine with USB.

I work professionally with a simple UR22 USB interface. There is no relevant argument for not using USB.