Soundclick stats

Anyone spotted any anomalies? For May, I had 441 plays, and 52 downloads. Not a bad ratio, I suppose, but 51 of the downloads was in one day :open_mouth: Might be nothing, just seemed a bit quirky to me…

No, if I ever get more than one hit in a day, I know my mom’s been on there! But 51 downloads in a day sounds like a lot.

Statistically odd…

30 days:- 1 download
01 day :- 51 downloads

I’m guessing that you got featured on a webcast, or some such, and that is where the hits came from.

Hmm, on average, I got 4 plays per day during June. No weird stuff this time. Must have settled down to some kind of normality…

How many downloads?

Just the one this month :slight_smile:

Better than most then :laughing:


I noticed the charts there too. The top 20 or so bands have pro accounts and always feature in the charts. Folks like us (with the freebie account) tend not to be so popular. Wonder why that is? :smiley:
I’d be tempted to get one of those accounts but only cos they look a million times better than the free accounts. I managed #2 there many moons ago on plays and downloads alone, I’m not greedy :sunglasses:

Could be a number of factors at play there?

Are the bands with pro accounts better? do people just think they’re better or maybe just lazy clickers, clicking on the most obvious?

Most of the bands are hiphop dudes and nothing to write home about :smiley:

I bet they did use your music in some sort of webcast or promotion, etc. You gave them permission to do so in the user’s agreement

Quite possibly Doug. Would have been nice to get a note or something if they did…

Most of my tunes have been up there in the charts. I think the highest was 13th for one tune. Haven’t checked in ages.

I’ve never really looked at SC’s stats - but I just did it now. It seems I get anywhere from 70 -150 plays per month just scanning through the last 6 months or so. There seems to be a good number of days where the plays spiked - up to around 20-odd plays on a particular day otherwises it’s more like 0 - 5 plays a day.

I’ve never paid much attention to their charts either. SC regularly tells me I have several songs in the charts on whatever day it is i’m logged in (usually when I’m uploading something new). That seems to be fairly usual. I’ve also had a few at #1 spot in past years in whatever chart, but sadly I’m still impoverished so I can only conclude that SC chart success clearly amounts to nothing in REAL terms! They also have this “Soundclick Top 50” and “Soundclick Top 100” tags of which I have plenty, but I’m still not rich and famous! What’s going on?? :confused:


What?!? :open_mouth:

I thought I could quit my day job when I reached #1 at Soundclick… :confused:


I suspect that you wouldn’t be able to quit the day job with a #1 on the billboard chart

In fact, I know someone who wrote a UK Christmas #1 which is generally A BIG DEAL sales-wise, and while it probably bought him his house, he’s still a long way off swanning about on the Riviera. :wink:

I agree…

I remember sitting at a table eating lunch and a road manager runs up to the table “Guys you just made a debut in billboards top 40 ! Time to celebrate”

Everyone at the table just sighed and the band leader said “It will still be 3 months until we get any money, and this lunch, these hotels, airfare, 3 managers, X band members - all will come out of our checks…”

That was the beginning… of the end… well… … just … well…
I guess there were OTHER perks - not that it mattered to a teenage roadie just taggin along cause his exotic dancer/aunt was shaked up with the bandleader :laughing: