Soundcloud export

Just wondering if anyone is doing this on a PC? If so, how does it work, and what file is actually uploaded?

I’ve tried to upload an mp3 file I made in Wavelab, but in order to be able to export it, I must open it in Wavelab, which immediately converts it to 32 bit floating point, NOT what I want to upload.

Not my problem at the moment though, as when I click the upload to soundcloud button, nothing happens.

A procedure on this would be nice. The documentation on it is insufficient.

OK. I changed my default browser. That browser window opened upon hitting the export to Soundcloud button. So I then changed the default browser back to the original setting. THAT WORKED! The original browser I previously tried to use opened. Must be a Windows issue. Now on to my format question.

I have never used the SoundCloud export feature so I don’t know what it really sends out, but I can tell you that if you want the best sounding result on SoundCloud, don’t use mp3. Regardless of what you upload the SoundCloud, it will be streamed at a very low bitrate (64kbps Opus I believe).

So, if you upload an mp3, it will get reduced again to a really poor quality stream. Transcoding in other words.

If you can upload a 24-bit/44.1k WAV with a full dB of peak headroom, that will typically be the least worst sounding when SoundCloud streams it to the listener.

Scratch this, I’ll start a new post.