Soundcloud-style comments per event/track

I use the current comments fields a lot.

But I’d find a Soundcloud-style comments facility, whereby you could attach a comment to a specific event, or specific time on any channel (including Groups, FX, Master, Instruments, MIDI, inputs and outputs as well as Audio) at a specific point on the timeline, far more useful.

The comments should be able to be toggled to visible/hidden, with a small indicator that there’s a comment at that point (as, for example, with the red triangle in the corner of a cell in MS Excel). And this facility should be capable of being assigned to a shortcut key.

Other possibilities would include:

• a ticker-style comments feed that could be docked beneath the Mixer (so no need to switch views to see them).
• a ‘create marker from comment’ for project navigation.
• Ability to colour the comment text/background for each instance, independent of the track/event to which they’re attached.
• A ‘done’ tickbox to grey out the comment, should you wish to keep the notes for later.

I’d find this sort of thing useful both for my own work, and for collaborative projects, as a means of feeding back comments to each other.