Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK doesn't function as track mixer on Cubase 13 apple silicon

I have been using Sound Craft Signature 12 MTK when I used Cubase 12.Rosetta 2It still works as a tracking mixer fully functional, recently with Cubase 13 apple silicon updated my tracking has stopped no matter where I connect only analog 1 is functioning.I am a bit disappointed as I have also lost a lot of VSTs due to the upgrade.I have retained my Cubase 12.0.70 and I am compelled to use it inspite of the Cubase 13 upgrade.kindly help.thanks
Chris Correia


Cubase 13 starts in the Native mode by default. It looks like the device if not Apple M processors compatible. Start Cubase 13 in the Rosetta mode, please.

Martin Sir I thank You for your advice.Can you pls guide me through the process of starting in Rosetta 2. Also if I do manage then does it mean I can not update whenever an update is available?
Thank You


To start Cubase in the Rosetta 2 mode:

  • Locate the Applications folder.
  • Select Cubase 13 from the list.
  • Right-click and choose Get Info from the drop-down menu, or just press Cmd+I.
  • Enable the Open in Rosetta option in the Cubase 13 Info window.

You can update. Cubase 13.0.40 is still supporting Rosetta mode. I believe even the next Cubase generation will support it. I think it will take years untill Steinberg drops the Intell processors out.

Thank you for your email

hello Martin I have managed to open Cubase 13 in Rosetta 2 mode but ny problem that is it does not recognise Soundcraft signature 12 MTK as a track mixer.Also sometimes I get audio drop outs on high pitched female voice.However everything works perfectly well in Cubase 12 Rosetta 2 mode.Have I made mistake in upgrading to Cubase 13 ? I am running this studio for 24 yrs I started with Nuendo 1 and various upgrades upto Nuendo 6 after which I shifted to Cubase 9 and upgrades upto the present.Pls do help me.Yhanks


Could you please attach a screenshot from the Studio > Studio Setup window?


My expectation is, the device is using Macke protocol. Therefore I would expect to see Mackie Control device in the list. Click Add Device, add Mackie Control and set the MIDI Input and Output ports, please.


I wouldn’t choose All MIDI Inputs. I would choose the dedivated MTK MIDI Input, same as the output.

Please, how is it setup in Cubase 12 on your side?

Hi I have no midi connected here there never was. Basically we record audio and I am annoyed that Soundcraft is not listed
My problem remains unresolved


Could you attach the same window from Cubase 12, where it is working, please?

Shows ASIO driver


Do I understand you right, you want to control the Faders in the MixConsole by the faders in your hardware?

No nothing like that . I use the input of the Soundcraft to play all my musicians tracks same time through USB to Cubase 13 pro
I use the Cubase mixer to balance the tracks once they are recorded. While sessions are recorded they are returned to Soundcraft. So no latency
Once recording is over there is no role for Soundcraft to play
Every thing from mix to mastering is done on Cubase


Then I’m sorry, I didn’t get your problem at all.

So let’s start from scratch… What exactly is working in Cubase 12 and not working in Cubase 13?

Could you add step by step, what do you do in C12 and what kind of result you get, which you don’t get in C13, please?

Ok Iours is an audio recording studio for 24 yrs I had Yamaha O1v before I canged to Mac. During the pandemic I bought Soundcraft 12 MTK because I missed the analog sound. We used Cubase 10 . I had no problems it recognised the mixer straight away
We moved to Cubase 11 and 12 and also 13 that’s when I changed to Mac mini 1 and 13 became apple silicon
So the nub of the problem is this
If I record in 12 all my musicians can play together (what luck I still have it)
When I try my recording with13 only vocals get recorded and all other inputs show vocals
So no recording is possible
Now I also have audio drops on vocal tail especially female voice