soundcraft ui24r

I’m considering upgrading from two MR816csx to the soundcraft ui24r. Has anyone tried it in Cubase? How is the ASIO driver working? Do you have access to the UI24R hardware, as I do now for the MRs. My only complaint with the MRs is that the direct monitoring is not bridged and I’m forced to use a mixer to blend in the two units for the headphone mixes. For the money the UI24R looks like a great value. Time to upgrade?


I don’t know the Soundcraft Audio Device, but in any case, you will not have an access to the hardware from Cubase, like you have from the Hardware panel in Cubase. This is Steinberg hardware feature only.

Martin, In that case what about bussing some audio out and back in? Preferably in the digital domain, but via re-encoding out and then in if no digital bus? Treat the signal as outboard processing in other words. If native is not available, stand-alone also solves the goal.

My main purpose is live recording with independent zero latency headphone mixes for the musicians. From that point of view I will be using the hardware for the headphone sends. This solves the flaw of the non bridged outputs of the MR pair. Once the audio is inside Cubase, it would be nice to utilize the UI24R,s hardware via any means.

It would be cool for Yamaha to allow other OEMs to substitute the MR software “plug-in” with their own proprietary software. Is Yamaha working on a similar hardware unit and price point?

Using HTML5 and WiFi is shear genius. Then there is the bundling of the embedded DSP and preAmps. It will be interesting to see how the competition heats up in the next 12 months as other OEMs respond to this unit. I hear good times ahead for all.