Sounding error between 2 quantized notes


I got a trouble in MIDI quantization. I found sometimes when I’ve quantize two MIDI notes to a just position. (Snap the tail of previous note to the head of next one) The following note will be muted by the previous one. However it doesn’t happen every time that I do the quantization. It’s totally random. Besides, it doesn’t only happen with HALion Sonic but with every plug-ins running in Cubase. Does anyone have ideas about this issue?


Have these notes the same Pitch or is it a different Pitch?

Hi~ Martin,

Thanks for your reply.
It just happened between two notes at the same pitch.


I could imagine, this could happens. If your left MIDI Note is originally shifted to the left, and you quantize it, there will be overlap of the Notes after. So the Note Off of the 1st Note comes after the Note On of the 2nd Note, and switch it also Off.

You could also quantize ends, which would help in this case.

I’m afraid it’s not because of the overlap.
I’ve quantized both the head position and the note duration. I mean, all the notes have quantized to the just position and lengths, there’s no overlap between two notes. If doing quantization like that, sometimes the coming note will be mute and sometimes will not be.
I’m going crazy with that phenomenon.

Even if you quantize (btw. are you using iterative Quantize or 100%), there could be an overlap.

I also found, some virtual Instruments are very sensitive for the Buffer Size. Try to play your song with different Buffer Sizes. I had the same issue also in Logic, Digital Performer, before I found the correct Buffer Size for my system. In fact I had these issues much more in Logic or DP. Cubase is the best.