Soundiron Olympus Choir Elements Kontakt vs. Halion

Hi, I bought this library a few years ago. It works in Kontakt. I see now the Playback template for Soundiron Choir Elements. This template works in Halion. Is it possible to use my version in Halion? Then I can profit from the Playback Template.

Have a look at this thread Olympus Elements expression map which may well help you.

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately the thread you mention, is about the Halion version of the library. The point is, that I have the Kontakt version. I was wondering if I could use that version also in Halion ( with some adaptation perhaps?).

apologies – I should have spotted that! It will largely depend on whether the Kontakt keyswitch programming is different from the Halion version in which case of course you’d need a different Expression Map. Perhaps an Olympus Choirs user has tried both versions and would be able to further advise - unfortunately I don’t use that library at all.