Soundly has the Wilhem scream

That is all. Just had to share. It’s the authentic original effect that was found by some guy that’s transferring and restoring all kinds of old sound effects.


I am trying to make connections of my Laptop Keyboard via Virtual Mini Piano to use it as an instrument and MIDI . I used virtual MIDIport also.
This has been done to use Nuendo 4 , midi recording / instrument recording.

To my great frustration, no signal is shown on the track or no signal recorded.
As I am new to Nuendo ,I am feeling helpless, please help and advise.

I just hope nobody uses it …


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That ‘some guy’ is Craig Smith a veteran sound designer from the Hollywood film industry. By the way, for the sake of accuracy, the name of that scream is spelt ‘Wilhelm’ :nerd_face: (NOT Wilhem as in the title of this thread) first used in the movie 'Distant Drums in 1951. Since then it has been re-used in many other movies and some would say it has been grossly over-used.

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If you mix it int with the Bald Eagle Scream, zombies tear up from the ground, and drag you down to hell with them.

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No disrespect to Mr. Smith. Just didn’t have his name at my fingertips when I typed that.

The Wilhelm can still be amusing when it’s unexpected (like a falling elf in The Two Towers), but Ben Burtt or any of his acolytes using it (or any appearance in Star Wars media) is pretty worn out.

BTW, don’t forget Castle Thunder

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