Soundminer DIY

I just want to share a little trick with you guys.
I was watching a video of Soundminer v4 and the great feature is the VST chain. But it comes at a hefty price, and Nuendo is full blown post app with build in Mediabay and should have it by now… so

There is a preference to use Phones channel as a preview. And if you use a card with build in mixer (RME) just route the phones to your mains and boom … you’ve got a database with vst3 support :slight_smile:. To expand it, if you use bidule or MUX (mux looks like a great software by the way) you’ve got a modular sfx monster in realtime :smiling_imp:
Probably someone already knew this and shared it. I’m just very exited to have a “Soundminer” for nothing :smiley:

Hope it helps
Does N6 have a vst support in the MediaBay?
Its on my list anyway

I have been asking Steinberg for this for a while. The top sound designer’s in the world love to use Sound Miner with the vst bus and then import those sounds pre-processed.

I asked for:

vst chain in mediabay with ability to import processed sounds.

be able to preview the sound at any pitch (automatic keyboard mapping would be awsome). Once you select a sound in media bay, it would be mapped across all keys of your keyboard controller.

be able to preview the sound reversed.

I also want the project pool part of the mediabay instead. have one interface for dealing with audio for your project.

if you use a card with build in mixer (RME) just route the phones to your mains and boom … you’ve got a database with vst3 support

This is fantastic! Set it up yesterday for a feature I’m working on, works like a charm. Thank you!

I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

Except you can’t import those sounds processed into your session. You can’t audition sounds reversed.


Yes, I do it all the time now. I set up a “preview” input bus that records straight into the session with the processing, works like a charm. John.

you do have to switch off the on/off phones button inside control room whenever you are not previewing from mediabay so as to avoid doubling the output signal when you play back your project though. still cool, just worth pointing out.

also noticed-- when previewing by headphones is on, and you have routed your “headphone” channels internally to your main monitors… and then temporarily muted the headphone bus so as to avoid doubling of signal when playing back a project… then your ‘play tool’ (‘9’) will not work because it too gets routed to the headphone bus that you just muted.

the solution would be to assign a keycommand and trigger the preferences setting of using the headphone bus each time you are about to use the mediabay to search for sounds; and then disable it for regular project playback.