Soundminer v4Pro 4.3v90 spotting to Nuendo 5.5.6 not working

Hello folks,

I started working on a feature film today, in a studio using Nuendo 5.5.6 (fallback from 6 which was too problematic for them). Happily i’m on a Mac so i can use my beloved Soundminer (and my also beloved Spotting lists i’m building for 2 years now :slight_smile: ).

I remember Soundminer was working fine with Nuendo 4, but i never tried again since v5/v6, and in my today’s tests it seems Spotting to a Nuendo track is broken ? I remember i had to install a specific SKI for SM to work with Nuendo in the past, is it still true ? If yes, where can i find the installer for this SKI thing anymore (can’t find it on the website) ?
I setup the transfer path manually, also the settings to be interleaved etc., chose Nuendo in the DAW menu in SM : the audio is transfered ok in the Audio directory, but no Clip appears in Nuendo, at the cursor position (selector tool).

Any hint ?

Please save me, i hardly need my Spotting lists…



Nope, not related.

Steve from Soundminer answered me yesterday, and here is the solution, i quote :

You would need to install the Steinberg SKI

Quit all apps. Install SKI


Unzip SKI into
/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components (<–create the folder as necessary)

Then in Nuendo you should be able to get plug in info and the SKI should show up if its installed properly. Then, launch N5 and v4pro it should show up as Steinberg SKI(in DAW menu of v4pro). Select that to spot.

Working now, except i can’t spot as region (unselectable in SM).