Sounds and Loops - New content - doesn't work


I recently switched to Cubase 13, and following the installation of the new content from Image Sounds, it’s not functioning as expected.
It seems that all installed correctly. Also, I installed it again and the same issue back.

Here is what I see in Cubase:

Many thanks for any help on this!


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version, please?

  • Quit Cubase.
  • Locate the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder in your preferences folder and rename/remove it.
  • Start Cubase

The Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/
Win: %appData% Steinberg/

Hope this helps.

Hi Martin,

Many thanks. Still the same issue.

I have deleted the folder MediaBay and now I see this but no sound from these samples that coming from Image Sounds


Do I understand you correctly, you don’t get a preview?

If this is the case, make sure the Control Room is enabled and you have a Monitor Bus available in the Control Room. Route the Monitor output to the wanted Audio Port. All previews and acoustic feedbacks are routed over the Monitor bus.

all routed well. The other samples libraries from Steinberg work well.

I’m on Mac 13.6


If you move these files to the project, the files are OK? Can you see the waveform? Can you hear the sound?

Can you see the waveform in the MediaBay Rack Preview section?

No, from these specific libraries I can’t see the waveform.


I don’t have all the libraries installed… Is this Steinberg library? What kind of library is it? I will try to install it on my system.

It’s from Image Sounds

Here you can see:

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 14.52.54

Here is how the MediaBay looks like of these libraries


Could you make a screenshot of the whole window, to see the waveform, please?

Sorry, I’m really not the content expert… Is this part of Cubase license, or do you own the dedicated license, please?

There is no waveform from these libraries.

I don’t know if this part of the license of Cubase but it’s something that steinberg gives to download. They didn’t say anything about license these libraries.

I posted on here a couple of days ago I had the same problems with VST loop sets RnB Guitar, Funky Guitar 01 and Sonic Pop Synth.
The Album covers for these show up in mediabay, but when you click on them the loops show up with the red circles next to them
Steinberg said they don’t work because there not Steinberg library’s and the mediabay is different now
All the VST loop sets show up in my Steinberg soft eLicenser complete with activation codes and when installed etc
I only purchased Sonic Synth Pop this year.
The weird thing is I also own Funky Guitar 02 and that works fine

So they suggested any solution?

No only to say the new mediabay in Cubase 13 isn’t compatible with non Steinberg sets which isn’t true because not every loopset I own is Steinberg
Here’s what the email said if you can make any sense of it

“Sonic Pop Contents are not Steinberg contents; therefore it has a sense that they could not be loaded in the MediaBay.
Currently, you are using a new MediaBay version.”

“Best Regards”

Did you get any further ?

Unfortunately no.

At least you tried


Did you remove the Steinberg MediaBay Server folder, as mentioned here;

Could you attach the screenshot, to see the folder path, to verify, it’s the one, please?