Sounds disappear from group channels when inserts activated!

Hi guys

Sorry if this is a repeat post, I can’t seem to find anything related to this exact issue.

Cubase 8.

I have a number of groups with multiple channels going into each. Every now and then, audio from one of the groups completely disappears. I was messing around and found that by deactivating inserts on that group channel, the sound comes back on. I only have one insert on that group, a compressor, to tie the sounds together. I thought it was the VST but I’ve tried multiple VSTs all with the same outcome.

After a few restarts I tend to get it working again, however, when I EXPORT audio, the same group channel is missing from the mixdown.

It’s starting to drive me crazy. Only seems to happen to group channels.

Any help is appreciated.


Is the plug-I’m Compressor or is it the VST Dynamics (or other plug-in, where is also Gate involved)?

Thanks for the reply.

There’s no gate on the group. I’ve used various VST plus ins (loaded on the left hand side), never the channel strip compressor.

It’s a very strange problem.