Sounds disappear...

Hi! For a couple of weeks now I have had lots of problems with sounds disappearing and its very hard and time consuming to get them back. Today I was working on a Project. A “normal” rock song with some Midi instruments (drums, etc) and some audio recording with real guitars, bass and vocals. All of a sudden the bass just disappeared, no volume at all… I’ve noticed for a few weeks now that the use of “VCA Faders” really can mess things up, so I’ve stopped using those (even though I like them a lot) but they make sounds disappear next time I load the Project. I actually have to click the VCA Fader, or move them around a bit, to get the sound (the volume) back. Today I noticed that to get the bass volume back I actually had to “click+ hold” the bass fader or else if let go with the left mouse click the sound would disappear again… :frowning: But I can keep holding the mouse down to be able to hear the bass…

Whats up with this and what can be done about it?

Regards from Robin (Im using the full Cubase version Pro 8 on Windows 8.1 and I’m using the UR 44 audio card).


So, is this only a playback issue? If you’ve recorded the tracks then I’d check the project’s media pool to make sure the audio files are present. I’m very new to Cubase, so can only offer the obvious suggestion to reset the Audio driver and see if the problem persists. Perhaps also try saving the project under a new name in a new directory just to refresh things. Sounds troubling and could be cause for summary judgment if someone’s important takes were just “gone.” heh :wink:

Good luck.

Many thanks for your reply! But somehow it fixed itself a few Days after I wrote the post. I’m happy with that even though I really dont know how it fixed itself. Ive had no problems with this afterwards. But ive stopped using VCA faders and removed them on all of my projects. Try to keep Everything at a minimal . Because Im new and not ready for all the technical stuff i guess.


It’s a bug with the VCA faders.
Same happened to me and read similar issues around.

this happen to me too without using VCA ! dont know why but in previous version 8.2 i’ve not such problem!

It’s a problem for me as well -

The trouble is, it’s intermittent; I was going to put this into the issues section, but I can’t always reproduce it.

At the moment, the VCA faders are not usable for me.