SOunds files missing

I reinstalled. Downloaded fresh. And now I am getting errors for missing sound

FOllowing files are missing - FCP 78 to 90

They definitely were there as I have used it in a song, and the song is giving error now.

What can be done? From where can I download those?

I Have Absolute 3.

Thanks in advance.

These are the Halion Sonic SE presets. Please download the Halion Sonic SE content by looking for your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

I have done it. In fact I re-downloaded - twice - entire Absolute 3 collection, yet these files are missing and in one of my songs Halion Sonic is giving error of missing files. There are about 10-12 files that are missing from downloads.

Again, you’re missing the sounds from Halion Sonic SE, which is included with Cubase, not sounds from the full version of Halion Sonic, which is included with Absolute. Did you download the Halion Sonic SE content for your version of Cubase, like I suggested?

The Halion Sonic SE content is NOT included with the full version of Halion Sonic, other than the basic General MIDI set.

Thanks a ton Boss :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

You are a life saver !

How in the world I was to know that full version of Halion doesn’t carry free samples!!!

Thanks again! :pray: :pray: :pray: :grinning: