sounds halion se hybrid missing


I just installed cubase 7.
I was working with halion se, but when I saw the video tutorial about it, I noticed that there should be a new set of sounds called hybrid.
This is missing in my halion library.
What can I do?

Ps: I have upgraded from cb 6.5. so I already had the other content, but I did not get something new and in groove age f.i. , I got the new stuff

  1. Tell us your specs (you can create a signature to handle this info)

  2. The content is missing on Cubase 6.5 too, or only on Cubase 7?

  3. Are you sure that HSSE is updated in your system?

  4. Did you tried to install again only the content (you can find this specific installer inside Cubase 6 DVD).

  5. Another tip is trying to install again only the HSSE from Cubase 7 (complete installer). You can download it here: