Sounds Library 3 – Disk Space

I am about to install the latest version of Dorico Pro 3. (I am a Dorico Pro 2 user.)

Does the 9.34 GB Sounds Installer replace that of Dorico Pro 2? If I leave both programs installed on my Mac, will there be 2 different sound libraries? (Disk space on my MacBook Pro is at a premium.)


The sound installer does include new (Soundiron Choral) sounds and (IIRC) an updated version of the Sonic player. You should install it. It should overwrite any previously installed duplicate HALion sound files.

There’s a new library manager, if I’m not mistaken. So there’s really a benefit in downloading this.

And my Library Manager says I have four versions of HALion SE

Are some of these from earlier versions of Dorico or because I also own Cubase?

Derrek, I don’t have Cubase, and the Library manager looks like this:

Thanks. Mine seems to match.