Sounds like heresy, but I want to sell my Cubase Studio 5!!!

Yes, you are correct, I must be nuts, but after using the product (and it is a fine product) I decided it’s a bit much for me, and am going back to a hardware recording system…a real simple one. I just don’t like using the mouse that much…I do too much of that at work!

So, is it possible to sell my copy to recoup a few pennies? I have all the stuff, and the license usb stick. I recall way back reading something about unregistering or uninstalling, but I was looking for something completely different at the time, and now I can’t find anything using the search engine.

There’s a product transfer wizard/form in the Knowledge Base, IIRC.

Upgrade to C6, then sell it.

You are correct mashedmitten, thanks, I didn’t even know there was a knowledgebase or a wizard.

brains, spend $200 more to sell as Cubase 6?. Sounds complicated.

Studio is old now (although an update is coming soon) and it will have a better resale value if it is the full kit.

Upgrade pricing isn’t much more than a new c6 edu version.