Sounds missing in W7


I posted this in the media lounge but the problem has been persistent so I’m afraid I need some direct help from SB.

I rarely use MIDI and as such I upgraded to W7 some months ago and frankly never bothered to test it. Well it finally came up on a session the other day and sure enough, Nuendo can’t seem to find any of the Halion content or other extra content. The basic synths, Prologue, Mystic, Spector show as available, but when I try to invoke them I get a crash warning telling me to rename the project and restart and the instruments don’t actually appear in the project.

I’ve tried re-downloading the 2gigs worth of content and re-installing it. I then tried “repairing” that install. No help.

I had all this running fine in Vista64 before I updated. I did a clean install to W7 so I don’t if perhaps I installed something in the wrong order initially or what. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Edit>>> Ok, I got hidden folders turned to visible now and can see it. Let’s see if this helps Nuendo see it too.