Sounds Trouble in Dorico / Sounds from Halion 7 Not Loading Automatically

Hi, I’ve returned to Dorico recently after a lull for several months-- updated everything (within Dorico 4 that is), and returned to some old projects / began some new ones.

I’m finding Playback very difficult and un-intuitive… Halion is not automatically loading any sounds… I have to push the E button, and then select for each channel the basic GM sounds etc. . . additionally however, I’m finding the that the drumsets are only outputting a single sound (ex. GM Drumset 1 is outputting a whistle whether I have snare, bass drum, or other notated).

I’ve restarted the computer several times. I’ve tried re-installing everything… And I’ve tried everything I can find on the forum including resetting Playback templates…

In a crunch to be create some small pit orchestra parts in the next few days, and would really appreciate some playback working without a hitch. Please advise. Thank you!!

Have you tried applying the HALion Playback Template from the Play menu?

Hi @_joe , do you have that problem only with old, existing projects or also with new ones that you start from scratch?
Do also please open an old project and then from the Dorico menu choose Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (1.2 MB)

Thank you @Ulf . Playback is working fine on older projects- it appears to strictly be an issue with newer projects that are starting from scratch.

Yes I tried that.

I would just add that for my immediate purposes, the drumset sounds are the worst problem. They seem to be outputting the C4 “whistle” sound no matter what notehead I input.

Manually choosing sound slots for the other instruments is a relatively minor inconvenience.

I managed to find a solution for now by manually tweaking the settings for Expression and Percussion maps all back to default and/or general MIDI (this also helped with a low rumble noise).

I’m still not sure though why my templates didn’t do this (or seemingly jumbled these settings up), nor the re-installations.

I’d love some insights on how to do a generic reset so that basic sounds automatically populate the playback… Restart/templates don’t seem to work for me.

Ideally I could load one day load some 3rd party Trillian and Keyscape sound sets into the playback in addition to the Halion.

Hi @_joe , could you please start up the Steinberg Library Manager and take a screenshot of it and post it here? Thanks

Many thanks @_joe , that looks all normal.
Since you have the issue only with new projects, could you please open a new project from solo piano template and then create a new diagnostics report?

Dorico (1.4 MB)

Thanks again, @_joe .
Please have a look at this Steinberg page.
That should solve your problem.

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Thanks so much, this solved it!

I’m glad to hear that :smiley: