Sounds while inputting rests are confusing

I searched the forum on sound rest input. No luck.
I use a midi keyboard for note input. Very comfortable and after a while very fast. Especially when copying a score it is like heads down typing. I use comma and Y for rest input.

  1. It is strange to hear sounds (the last note repeated) while inputting rests, but I did get used to it
  2. However, when it is time for notes again, I sometimes forget to type the comma again and there is no warning by the sounds I hear. Only when I reach a convenient spot in the score I look at the screen and discover the disappointing result.

I wonder If it might be possible and not much work for the team to change the behaviour to:

  • type comma in order to enter rests and sound changes to some unpitched click
  • type comma when returning to note input and the sounds behave as they do now.

Then I would immediately hear it when I failed to type the “stop rest input” comma.

Thank you for your attention and for a wonderful program.

You may find it quicker and easier to use the caret and the right arrow key to move to where you want to type the next note, rather than actually inputting rests. Dorico should be able to sort out the rests automatically, 99% of the time.

Thank you. That is the best way out. Meanwhile, the feature request remains.

We’ll certainly consider your feature request, Karel. I don’t know how difficult it would be to change the sound under those circumstances, but we’ll discuss it.

Thank you.