I am in the country on holiday for a week and thought I’d being a laptop with Dorico on it. Not once since I bought Dorico have I ever got it to play a single thing [on this laptop]. I dare say it’s some magical combination of audio settings that are beyond anyone merely mortal.

I tend to set it (through Dorico to things) and look up stuff on YouTube but they YouTube fails, post Dorico changes, with “Audio Renderer Failed.”

I can’t see any music getting written while I’m here.

Sometimes - just sometimes - VSTs (E.g. Noire) will play directly in Kontakt 7 but as soon I try anything with Dorico then the audio fails across the whole laptop.

Hi @matt.whitby , not sure if this can help, but, if you are on Windows, try to install and use the Steinberg built-in ASIO driver:

Excellent. Thank you.