Soundset installation borked preset library??

Hey there,

I recently installed the Metronomic Cinema expansion, only to find that I cannot get access to the factory library or any other purchased expansions. Not really sure whats going on but the only visible agent in the GA mediabay is the metronomic library under ‘All Agents’. I also have Colliding Worlds which I can navigate to in the internal GA Browser but cannot access the presets. Tryng to access the browser in the top left, with factory and user content enabled results in the mediabay categories briefly appearing then disappearing. I guess I need to trash some preferences somewhere?


So I can get to the factory library and expansions in the GA browser in the top left, but trying to access beat agents in the bottom right it still only displays Metronomic and no factory content or other expansion. Will trashing the mediabay prefs help. Would prefer not too as it took some time to build that database. Any ideas anyone? I also have missing samples (bar, beat) always displaying in GA Sub Presets/Metronome. A rescan does not resolve.


Same here all seems to load fine but at “All instrument sets” window only appears FPP Agent…