Soundslot Colors NOT Showing After Recording Articulations in Project View

Hi, I am experimenting with expression maps and workflows. I’m not a skilled pianist so I see myself recording melodies and then recording articulations on a 2nd pass (or drawing them in).

While in Project window (lower zone inactive) I recorded my melody and then did another record on the same track. When I opened the MIDI Editor, I noticed that the articulations were captured but the Soundslot colors are not being applied. I tried changing the color mode in the editor and then bring it back to Sound slot to see if it would “kick in”… but it did not.

I put yellow arrows to bring your attention to the relevant areas. I’m in C11 Pro.

For now, I found 2 workarounds which may hint as to where the bug is.

  1. If I manually move the direction articulations at the bottom, all of a sudden the notes in the piano roll start magically getting painted. But this is tedious and changes the timing of what I played so it’s not a solution. In some cases, I need only manually move one, close the editor and reopen it.
  2. This one is a better workaround I think - have the editor open (and controller lane visible) while recording my articulations pass. Soundslot colors are applied when recording the pass with the editor open.

So to sum it up, soundslot colors are not showing on the recorded articulations if the recorded performance was done in Project window, but they do show if they were recorded while the Editor window was open.

Steinberg please fix this bug !


It’s a redraw issue.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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