SoundSoap V3.04 Issues... no output!


Big problem with SS 3.04 VST plug in.

I’m running Nuendo 6.5.4 (latest). Whenever the plugin is inserted it usually works. However after saving and reopening a project the SS’ed Tracks loose their output into the Stereo mix. The Track meters show output, SS shows audio flowing on its GUI … just no audio is passed to the main stereo mix. Bypassing, soloing, deactivating or even deleting the plug-in instance have no effect. Sometimes audio cuts out immediately SS is inserted. Sometimes restarting Nuendo temporarily fixes the issue. Other tracks sans-SS are fine.

I am using 48KHz, 24 bit Aiff files. The computer is a Mac Mini, 16GB RAM, OS 10.10.4. with an Apogee One interface for monitoring.

Any suggestions or similar issue?


Solved my own problem.

I updated to SoundSoap 4 and all is well! Pretty cheap … and added de clipping function. Though if the material is clipped during recording I pretty much figure the project isn’t worth the effort!

If you are looking for noise reduction give SoundSoap a go … It’s made by Soundness now instead of PeakBias, and is much less expensive than other options. Results are certainly compatible in most cases I’ve come across.