Soundtower Editor plugins (Rev2 and Prophet6) crash

Cubase 10.5 … crashes when trying to make the plugins visible. (Editors fpr Prophet Rev2 and Prophet 6) That doesn’t always happen - but very often.
Everything works without problems in Cubase 10


Most probably the crash is on the plug-in side. But to be sure about it, could you attach a crash/dump files, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

It crash without a crash-/dump file


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

I´m on Mac OS 10.15.3
Mac Pro 5.1


I sent you PM with an instructions.


OK, the forced crash didn’t help (because it is crashing by itself already…).

Are you sure you have the latest update of the plug-ins installed, please? Weren’t these plug-ins blacklisted by any chance?

Could you try to get in contact with the plug-in developers, please? They could try to reproduce it with the debug tools, to see, what’s going on.

I’m out of other ideas (for now).

I have the same problem. I have found that if I disable the asio-guard, the effect version works. The instrument version continues crashed. I have written to the developer and at first he answered me the emails, but after, he stopped answering me. I insisted, but he has not answered me again … Very disappointed with soundtower.
Any other solution here??

thanks for the tip. will give it a try

tried it. Now it doesn’t crash immediately. but with multiple opening / closing it happened

Yes, it’s the same for me. crash less, but still have random crashes when opening plugin window. Have you contacted the developer? He today replied me:

‘‘I honestly have no explanation for a crash you described. Also, we have plenty of Cubase users but nobody else is reporting such issues to us.
We will try to get the Cubase 10.5 and try to recreate it on our end but this may take a while. Also would you be willing to try our similar plug-in if it crashes, for DSI OB-6?’’

Today I tested with the OB-6 plugin. This works 100% ok.
But the truth is that I have seen in more forums that describe the same issue. I do not know if they have also written to the developer.

I’m going to send the crash report file to the developer. I hope this helps him find the problem.

I also wrote to the support and described the problem.
But I didn’t get an answer