Soundtoys 5 not supporting Cubase 9/help needed asap


I am tempted to upgrade my Soundtoys plugins to the whole package, Soundtoys 5, taking advantage of the ongoing sale, which means I could go from my current two Soundtoys plugins to all for a mere 169 USD.

However, I notice that they only support Cubase 7-8, not 9!

Can someone please quickly confirm whether Soundtoys 5 will work properly on my Cubase 9 Pro/Win 10x64 platform?

Thanks for the help!


I’m on Mac here, where the SoundToys bundle works perfectly in Cubase 9… so I can’t say whether that would be the same on PC, but I’d be very surprised indeed if there were any problems. At worst, they’d get blacklisted, but you can always re-activate them.
I’m more inclined to think that it is simply their release notes that aren’t quite up to date :wink:.

Thanks, vic_france,

I went ahead and bought the bundle. Everything seems to work fine. I also got a thumbs-up at the Facebook Cubase Pro forum.