Soundtoys has a new free VST

Get great low-end and smooth, silky highs from our first-ever equalizer. The new Soundtoys Sie-Q is inspired by and meticulously modeled from the 60s German classic Siemens W295b*, along with our own distinctive twist on the original for added utility and creative power. Sie-Q creates unique, yet highly-usable color and tone ideal for full and sub mixes, vocals, drums, guitars and more.

As expected, the site is down now due to everyone trying to get this. I love the Soundtoys VSTs, and intend on getting this ASAP.

The offer is good until October 13.

Thanks for the heads up!

Grab it while it’s free as it’s REALLY nice!!!

Quite ‘polite’ sounding when not driven hard, i’ve just had it on the 2 bus of something i’ve nearly finished mixing, i thought there was ‘something’ just missing in the mids, gave it a .3db nudge at 1.5khz and about 1 db top and bottom and WOW!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

It requires an iLok account.
Can I activate this plugin on an offline computer? (without an iLok dongle)

Does this EQ go to 11?

No, but the new BlueCat Destructor VST does. :mrgreen: This is another one I’m probably going to get, though it isn’t free. They said it will cost $99 when it becomes available on 10/11.

Hi all,

Just gone through the whole iLok account creation to get the freebie, and I must say it is a pretty good plug in!

Thanks for the heads up.

Jim B

Thank you for the heads up on this!

Thanks Larry. Got it :sunglasses: