SoundToys Litter Altar Boy

Anyone got a code? Free until April 1.

hi, hope this works…

our Sharing Code: 334-6023-319

Give this link to people to get their free Little AlterBoy Plug-in:

it looks like their site is swamped :open_mouth:

In case you’re curious about the VST…

I gave up, to much hassle! Site isn’t down but registring fails for the 5th time.

You have to be patient. It took me a while, but I finally got through. Try it around 8:00am EDT if you can, since people here in the eastern US are getting ready for work at that time (and aren’t on the ST website).

Ok, thanks for the motivation :slight_smile:

I’m now registered (I did have a ilok account but forgotten about it, I own the AIR INSTRUMENT PACK 2 duhh :mrgreen: ), now I’m waiting for cooupling my soundtoys account with my ilok account.