Soundtoys "Plug-In Your Vote" email

This really irritates me …


Democracy in the United States is at risk, and only we can save it. We are alarmed by the actions of our leaders to undermine the legitimacy of this election. Our president and his supporters have relentlessly attacked our free press, spread misinformation and unfounded fears about mail-in ballots, and have even gone so far as to question whether they will accept the results of the upcoming election.

Your influence counts too! If you aren’t eligible to vote in the US, please share this with anyone you know who can.

Soundtoys firmly believes in protecting civil rights and the environment. Lately, we have watched as a reckless administration has ignored the advice of scientists and public health professionals in the midst of a pandemic, torn up environmental regulations and treaties, and instigated division and fear of immigrants, minorities, and people of color.

We must address the major problems of our time: systemic racism, climate change, access to health care and education, and income inequality. To achieve this we need a change of leadership – at all levels of government.

We are voting for change. We urge you to register and vote too. That’s why we’ve partnered with to provide simple solutions and clear information to help you register, know your options, and prepare to vote.

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I understand this is a “US thing”, but why the Hell does one of my favorite plugin providers feel the need to bring politics into it’s business practices? This one really rubbed me the wrong way. I just don’t get it.

I’m not inviting judgement either way about the current state of US affairs. I don’t want this to turn into a political topic. I just want others’ thoughts / opinions about whether it is a plugin manufacturer’s “duty” to influence me politically. Personally, I think not.

I will never purchase another Soundtoys product, as much as I love them, if I ever receive another politically based email.

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Look, everyone has a choice to make. Clearly the people at Soundtoys have strong feelings about where the US is heading and they’re realizing that they actually do have an audience they can talk to. So that’s what they did. If their fears are valid then the benefits of getting more people to vote ‘their’ way by far outweigh the negatives of “Scab PIckens” not buying more plugins.

One thing I find telling is that the only times I see consumers complaining about hardware / software manufacturers or artists and actors coming down on one side of the American political spectrum it’s been exactly the type of views that Soundtoys have espoused. So as a person who is in favor of actual democracy, a clean environment without global warming, racial equality, good health care and education for all etc, it speaks far more about the person being upset about this than it does about the company.

Ask yourself: How can it be controversial in the year 2020 to be opposed to systemic racism?.. or in favor of democracy and voting?

Heck, I’ll probably go pick up one of their plugins just because they did take a stance in favor of democracy, the environment, science and against systemic racism.

Thanks for spreading the word!

I had a feeling you would be the first to respond :stuck_out_tongue: .

If you noticed, I didn’t state one way or another if I agree with their stance. I just don’t feel like it is a good decision on their part to be choosing sides and potentially alienating customers.

I think it’s a wash. If anything statistically they’ll probably end up net positive.

It’s not a political matter, it’s a HUMAN RIGHTS issue that’s been politicised by some weird, orrible orange bell-end in the US and his equally scummy counterparts in other parts of the world.

ST are a private company and as such can say and do whatever they like within the law, if that alienates a few racists who cares!