Soundtoys STDs!!! ?

I am getting an error message when loading a Cubase Project when it comes to soundtoys plug-ins used.

It happens most frequently when loading a project from a different system. So when I change from my Mac Pro to MBP. (It does however still happen when I am loading a large project on the same system)

The same installers were used on both machines.

Below is the error code (accompanied by the “Mac OSX, red, octagonal exclamation mark” that looks like a stop sign")

“Authorization Std Exception”

Decapitator Native V4 cannot run, because an error occurred.

TAsioLocalSocket::read(): Used all retries. Probably no resources available.

I am definitely feeling the same itch. I reguarily use Echoboy and I beleive it is the culprit to the crashes I get in Cubase 7.5 and 8 on win 8 Pro 64bit. Seems to happen randomly but especially if opening a project heavy in instances or after having had a different project open prior loading it.