Soundtoys still on VST2?

Hi Folks,…
A short while ago I contacted Soundtoys (Decapitator, EchoBoy, Radiator, MicroShift, SieQ…) to ask them if they now offer VST3 versions of their plugins. Sad to say, VST3 is not really high on their priority list. They are still working on it.
Their answer: Unfortunately we are still working on a VST3 version of our products and we only offer VST2 for the moment. Hopefully it will be something we can offer soon.
I mean, VST2 is gone with SB since 2018 and this step was announced in 2013.
How can this not be high on top of the to-do-list if they want to sell any of their plugins? Another bunch of FX for the bin?? :frowning:
Servus, Big K