Soundtrack for the Collapse of Civilization

I’ve just published my new album at Bandcamp.
Soundtrack for the Collapse of Civilization

It’s a soundtrack to a film I hope will never be made. Many of these you may have heard already on Soundcloud, but three have never been posted here, some have been renamed, and all have had additional mix tweaking.

I also made a video :
History of Fire Part 2

Thanks to everybody here who helped me with useful input on many of these pieces.

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to spread the news if you like it.


That’s some really fine guitar playing. What are you using?

Thanks, Raino. The acoustic parts were done on a Japanese hand-made classical guitar that I bought many years ago. The electric guitars were an ES-335, a Les Paul Studio Deluxe, and a Strat.


Listening now - beautiful! Great quality of sound too. Will report back once I’ve got to the final collapse!


Hi Steve, glad to hear that the CD finally got there!