Soundtrack in memory of a national figure

Iran’s most revered military commander and the guy who actually ended the ISIL was martyred by US government and Trump. :cry:
So I decided to dedicate this song of mine to his memory.
All Feedback about mix and master are welcome.
Thanks :slight_smile:

By the way it was originally less than 2 mins but then Early21’s previous comments echoed in my head :stuck_out_tongue: and reminded me to make it longer and I made it into 3 mins :slight_smile:
Available For Download

Are those momentary dissonances starting around 1:50 min deliberate? I found them slightly distracting from the otherwise quite a beautiful piece. All in all very good, and I feel your sentiments.

What do some people say, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s…”


Thanks for the feedback Mauri
Actually the dissonance starts at 1:15 and it is there to create a contrast with the first part of the song, and continues till 2:23 at which point the song returns to the original key untill the end of the song.
My first draft didn’t have this contrast but then again if you want to tell a longer tale, you gotta introduce some thriller.
Now it’s either done tastefully or distastefully, that’s , how does the saying go? " for me to know, for you to…" :smiling_imp:
Peace (without racism! We can only hope! Eh?)

The music is beautiful.
I couldn’t find a fault in it.

Thanks RuskinF
Glad you enjoyed it
of course nothing is perfect, and maybe other forum members have some suggestions …