soundtrack type music.... feedback would be appreciated!

Hello All

I spend about 28 hours on this project and I’d like to know your view!
Track length is 3:59
Thanks for your time

Addictive Piano
Ethnic world 5
Hybrid tools 3


Here’s the link:

Soundcloud Link Below :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice atmospheric intro. I like the mix, and the buildup up dynamics back and forth is nice.
I’d personally like some variation on the theme though, the track is stuck on the same 2 chords, a change there would make it more interesting.

I kind of knew that in the back of my mind and you helped to make it bold ! I’ll have to ponder on the best melody change for a while … Thanks mate!

Hi Massoomi ,like strophoid says it has a great atmosphere and the mix sounds really good to me ,the rhythm of the keyboard sounded complex but i don`t know if that was intentional .

The atmosphere is built up very nicely, but I too had trouble understanding how the piano rhythm fit in when it first came in. Anyway, it’s a good one, and keep them coming!

well it was kind of jazzy in the way that I played it once and then tried to change the quantized notes as little as possible. so do you like the rhuythm or not ? :question:

I’ll try to keep them coming :slight_smile: Thanks… perhaps I didn’t make a good intro cause the keys were written before the intro and I was trying to make the voices more familiar after the keyboard starts by the means of that intro

on listening again ,it sounds good actually.

Thanks … always heart warming when a fellow music lover says I like your tune :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone that answered this thread…

I changed my piece a bit:

  • added a reversed piano effect at the beginning to get the listener ready
  • added a piano arpeggio after the first half of the song to add variation

I’d love to here your voice on this again.


Hi Masoomi, just now I tried to play it, but I was unable to get it to play at the link you posted. I don’t have any idea why, but Soundcloud usually works, could you put it there as well?

For some reason soundcloud is filtered here and I was too lazy to use anti-filter :mrgreen:
Thanks for the heads up!

Hi Masoomi, I still like it a lot! When the piano comes in, the rhythm is nebulous, which leads to some confusion on where it’s going. I think I get it now. But maybe you want to quantize or otherwise straighten out the rhythm where the piano enters? Everything else seems to be tightly aligned with the rhythm grid. In any case, there’s so much to appreciate in this mix.

Thanks Bro… I agreed with you and tried and changed it a little … hope it hag gotten better!

Making more sense to me now. Nice job!