Sources for the MACRO PAGE DESIGNER?

Hi everyone
Is there anybody who can suggest me a source to learn the MACRO PAGE DESİGNER in and out. It is obvious that Steinberg has insufficient documentation or is not clear enough for the average user like me. I did build some GUIs , and not bad ones , but I need to dive much deeper. I would even pay if needed.
If anybody could give me something it would be much appreciated.
Thank a lot.

Hi @arristo1967

You can find some info in the manual:

And also here:

The factory instruments that come with HALion 6 are unlocked so you can check how the macro pages of those instruments are done.

Hi misohoza
Thanks for replying so soon.
I actually mentioned those documentations in my question and yes there seems to be all the info one might think he needs but unfortunately in a real world scenario its not like that.
Those docs. tell you what is what . But they don’t show you the way how to do it. How to relate between object or templates or so. I think we all need someone showing us everything exactly how its done.Maybe someone who is doing this professionally.
Anybody know some names??
Anyway thanks again for the reply take care.