'SOVLED' All content installed but no folders showing in Mediabay

As per title , all the content, over 7000 presets are installed and useable BUT where the Media bay used to show all the macro folders for say World instrments ,Halion content , FM lab ect , non of that is appearing , it’s just one long list of presets or an 'All ’ folder . Please advise

At this stage im just about to throw in the towel .

Please don’t tell me this is the only way to access Halion 7 content now , by click throw 900 folders ??? surely not

Halion Sonic , Hallion 7 , Halion 7 standalone preferences have ALL been deleted .


Groove Agent
Backbone and Cubase 13 ALL sohw there content folders

I’ve got the same problem with those (and only those) libraries :
CRE8_poly, CRE8_wave and Lyrical Voices.
They don’t appear in the Halion Sonic 7 or Halion Sonic SE 7 but they do show up normaly in Halion 6.
Before the “upgrade” to 7, this issue didn’t exist.


The MediaBay database is now managed by the Steinberg MediaBay Server, that has its own preferences, you can give it a try and delete those too, but better back them up before.

Ok cheers , one thing you really do need to do is disable autoamtic Mediabay updates via the download center , you could potentially break peoples systems without their consent , i know it’s most probably in the terms and conditions but …

I will try this not , thanks

Could you point me in the direction , there doesn’t seem to be an App data file for the Server

So you avoided starting the SDA for preventing any updates of MediaBay… then you did not update the HALion content either?

The Prefs if Steinberg MediaBay Server are placed in the same folder, next to those of Cubase, HALion etc …

you can navigate there by entering the following path in the Windows Explorer:

%APPDATA%\Steinberg\Steinberg MediaBay Server

The preferences do not contain the Mediaserver . The content for Halion was install just the same and Cubase and GA from a drive with the content install on by clicking on the content , the library manager opened with the dialogue box , does this mean i need to uninstall all Halion content and redownload and install ?

Why only MediaBay updates? If you start updating or installing recent versions of the software it needs to be made sure the whole chain of dependencies is compatible.

When you start SDA it updates itself, MediaBay, Library Manager and License Manager then offers related updates of content. I would personally agree that the user should be asked if he wants to update AT ALL, but a mixed component install should not be supported, imo.

The topic already found its way to Jira, so it will be discussed inhouse.

The SDA is new ,yes ? Say in 4 years time , you have people still using C12 but the new Mediabay updates come out for C15 , when you need to install anything from the SDA you could potentially have incompatibility ?

My picture of your installation is full of gaps, I guess you need to update some content and components to ensure they all fit. I’ll stop contributing here. Please open a support ticket if you think your installation is fine and your problems remain.

Aahahahahh , IT’S A BRAND NEW PRO INSTALL ,the content was install the same way for ALL the programs and it’s only Halion 7 . Full of Gaps , i think i’ll end this now .
Ive just spent one whole rebuilding a very good PC because of C13 coming out and you tell i have have gaps … ooohhhhhh . Not good Joerg if im honest . Not what i want to hear


My work around is to add tags for ALL instruments in the mediabay , if anyone’s , interested … But it must be my brand new system , totally installed as per instructions

This does not give me a clear picture. What have you done with SDA? A regular installation, once run should contain the Steinberg MediaBay Server preferences.

I did not say your installation is full of gaps, but my picture of it. I do not have enough knowledge of what you did from empty Windows to full Steinberg installation. And I cannot provide support, because I need to get on with development. The reason I contribute here is because I want to know about any problem with the MediaBay to be able to fix it or provide workarounds once I understood what goes wrong. In your case, I can’t imagine what goes wrong. Someone needs to spend more time checking every component of your installation, that can only be done by our Support.

Ok ,my apologised , it’s a been a complete nightmare and a stress factor of 135% here .
Ive decided to delete via the library manager and download all content for Halion again and install . I will let you know the out come

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32gb of Halion 7 content downloaded and reinstalled
Halion 7 uninstalled and reinstalled

NO CHANGE . ive had enough , one full week of problem solving just because Steinberg releases a new version of Cubase

Solved .
A simple fix in the end :
Manually downloaded the media bay and reinstalled .
Strange thou as it was the download Assistant that originally installed mediabay BUT

100% up and running

Hello again,
Good news, the aforementionned products now appear again in the browser ! I’m not sure to understand why it took so long to update my mediabay, maybe because I’m off-line most of the time with my PC ?
Unfortunately, the curation (ie the stars) is gone, all presets are now again at 3 stars…
One day we’ll live in a perfect world.

hi. where did you get the media bay installer ?

Hi Penpente
Just here
Steinberg MediaBay | Steinberg

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