SP DRMR 3 multi tracks

I also posted this on the toontracks forums but it’s not nearly as active as this one. Having some issues with routing and sound quality (specifically cymbals) when sending SD3 mics to separate channels in Cubase.

I want each drum is SD3 to a separate track in Cubase. Not a problem, I know how to do that. However, while assigning drums in the mixer in SD, sending the different drums to different outs (1/2, 3/4, etc.) all seems fine until I get to the OVHDs (cymbals). Once I assign the OVHD mics to a track in Cubase, they lose the “ring” and as they fade out they “ratchet” down in volume and the sound quality is not good.

Looks like it has something to do with outs 1/2 and the channels labeled “gain” but that’s as far as I can get to figuring out what is happening. Experimented with sending those “gain” channels all over the place but once I assign them to anything but outputs 1/2 I have the ring/ratchet problem.

Any one else noticed this and/or what am I missing here?

I ran SD2 since 2010 with 7 stereo outs - never had that.
Usually Avatar or Vintage kit, sometimes shift to alternative snare or toms.

I combined some mikes to outs also for Ambience and Character - to have that on separate fader.
So kick, snare, hihat, toms, cymbals(overheads), Amb and Char.
Everything bleed on, usually.
I don’t think I touched internal level settings at all, and no extra plugins apart from some mikes with 1176 already on.
All other routing in daw and all outs to a bus.

Did you figure out, levels in SD3 - if having overs in Cubase it probably is in SD3 as well, or?
Already SD2 is advanced in subbusses and stuff, which I don’t use - just mike to outs - and done.

Not familiar with any “gain channels” though, will have a look later on that, if that is in SD2.

When you say “loose their ring” - I come to think of frequency cancelling of some sort.
That could be due to mixing same stuff too many routes, or something - or phase issue.

I have a vague memory from far back - that there were a bug regarding phase of a mike in a kit.
There were an update that fixed that.

Like I did, just putting all bleed on - that can itself be an issue if mikes pickup from overheads as well.
So look at what bleed options you used and solo and listen to those channels sounding together.

So check with ToonTrack, Olle or somebody usually is good helper.