Space at change of time signature

I need to make extra space to put brackets at the end of a line, but Dorico doesn’t seem to allow me to the space. Does anyone know if it is possible to do it?

I managed to create extra space around the cautionary time signature by moving the barline using the following procedure:

In Engrave mode, select the time signature

Open the Properties panel

Under Common, click on Offset and enter a value for X ( -0.5 ) and press Enter

Under Time Signatures click on Spacing offset and enter a value ( 1.125 ) and press Enter


You can vary the values to suit your requirements, but the ones I have indicated gave a fair amount of space.
You might also need to click the up- and down-arrows on the two settings to make sure the movement takes place (occasionally they seem to need a bit of a friendly “kick”). Alternatively, you could try doing Time Signatures > Spacing offset first, then Common > Offset > X.


Thank you so much!! It works!