Space bar in Play Mode

This is just a small annoyance, but the space bar opens up the Automation and CC dropdown in the key editor, as well as starting and stopping playback. I’ve been using P for playback instead, but then if I have something selected, I can’t start playback from an earlier position. Sometimes I forget I have something selected because with the CC area open I can’t see the MIDI notes in the piano roll, and then I get briefly confused when I click the bar I would like to start playback from, press P, and playback starts from a different spot. Sometimes using the space bar for playback actually changes what CC lane I have open at the same time.

The focus must be back in the note area to start playback with the spacebar. (Click there with the mouse)

Thanks, got it. I still find it a bit of a nuisance when I’m editing CC or velocity and just want some quick feedback to hear what I have, but I’ll get used the extra clicks I guess.

The focus is only lost if you edit in an input field.