Space bar Start button lagging

Hi Cubase people,

I just encountered a Cubase behavior that I never had before…

:question: When playing back a project that has a video integrated, and when playing back from a section of the project that doesn’t have any video “clip” where the cursor is scrolling the music through… I get an approximate 1sec delay between pressing space bar and visually see the project starting to playback.

Notice that it’s only a visual lag because the sound is in perfect sync with the space bar activation. Also it’s not a buffering problem since there’s nothing else in the project except the video file (7mb) and one empty kontakt player loaded.

I’m running Cubase 5.1.1 on Windows 7.

Anyone experienced something similar?

Make sure the correct ASIO driver is still selected.

Thanks for replying mashedmitten.

My soundcard is indeed selected correctly in the VST audio system…

I found a workaround of repeating (paste+duplicate) the video file a few times to cover the whole area where I have audio and midi in the arrange window. Seems to work now.

Can you confirm that bug on your system?

Thanks again.