Space Bar usage after text input

I do the following in audio montage on a Mac in Wavelab 8.0.3 - Mountain Lion:

  1. Put in a track marker
  2. Press the spacebar to start playing from the track marker
  3. Go into the CD window (in Montage) to name the track
  4. Key in the track name and press enter
  5. Press the spacebar (hopefully to stop playback)…

The result is that playback skips back to the track marker entered in 1 above and sometimes to the beginning of the montage - haven’t worked out what causes it to go to the beginning of the montage yet.

Is there any way I can prevent this happening? I would obviously like it to stop where the playhead is positioned when I hit the spacebar after entering the track name.

This is a side effect of something normally useful by design: when you hilight a CD track in the list, Space bar plays that CD track from the start.

Oh well - have to live with it… Thanks for the quick reply

Using numpad 0 will stop playback and leaves the cursor at the current position. Might be something to try getting used to…

I’ll give it a go….thanks for the tip