space between chord and alteration

As you can see the (add2) in the chord A(add2)/C# is too close to the A. I tried in engrave mode-chords-design but I couldn’t find how to move the (add2) to the right. Also when double click on the chord you see that both are orange A(add2). So how to move the add 2. And I think this is maybe a small design fault?
chord score.JPG

If you click on the pencil, you should be able to adjust the separate items

Yes that’s was easy, I forgot to click on the pencil an than you can change it. Thnx!

I think I remember that Petaluma had some kerning problems. A7 was an issue, if I recall.

I’m curious if there will be a fix for this in the near future…

It’s not something we’re working on right now, but it’s certainly on our backlog for us to return to in future.