Space between Title and Staff

Where or how do I make this space smaller? I would like to reduce the space between the composer and the start of the staff. Please see the photo. Thank you.

I feel like it would be best to just adjust the height of the music frame (the blue border) in Engrave mode. If you want this to be the same spacing for all your projects then it would be worth changing it in the Page Template and not just directly on the page.

Reach out if there’s any terminology that doesn’t make sense!

PS I assumed you meant that you want the stave higher rather than the text lower - just do the opposite if need be!

I am so sorry about this but I am extremely new to Dorico. I started with Finale in 2001 and changed to Sibelius in 2010. I have been using Sibelius for about 15 years now and I would love to switch to Dorico.

I have attached a video of me trying to do this and nothing happens. Sorry, this might be something so basic.

[HERE]( Recording 2024-01-05 at 11.18.32 Recording 2024-01-05 at 11.18.32

Looking to do somthing like this…

Ok, at the top of the right zone, you’ll see a red triangle in the top-left corner of page 1.

Right-click this and select Remove Overrides.

And don’t be sorry!

When you edited the Page Template, you didn’t copy the changes from the left page to the right. By default, all layouts begin right-hand facing. So, if you don’t change anything on the right page of the template then nothing will change on the first page of the layout.

Is this what I have to do? Now, how about all individual parts? Thank you for your time and patience. RS

Sorry… this one.

Yep, that’s it.

Regarding the parts: You’ll notice that in the score, you’ve been editing the Default Full Score page template set. If you navigate to a part layout, you should see that it is using the Default Part page template set instead. The same rules apply.

Once you’ve edited this template, all the layouts that use it (all parts, by default) will display the same.

Thank you for your time. It’s midnight here in CA, I appreciate your prompt responses.

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Here’s a page that explains the key types of margins there are in Dorico, with links at the bottom to more information about how to change each one:

Regarding your question specifically, the gap above the top of the music comes from either of these two places:

  • If there’s a flow heading shown, the gap between the music and the flow heading is the flow heading bottom margin
  • If there isn’t a flow heading, the gap is the music frame margin (between the top of the music and wherever the top edge of the blue music frame is on that page)

You can use a combination of methods to control where music appears on a page: changing the size/shape of the blue music frame, changing music frame margins, and changing flow heading margins all affect where music starts on a page.

As a new Dorico user, you might also be interested in our First Steps guide, which walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up, inputting, formatting, and tweaking the playback of a short piano piece.

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