"Space Case" Version 2

And now for something completely different … for me anyway.

I needed a break from my country funk blues rock ‘n’ roll rut so I thought I’d play around with some keyboard type things. I was going to add some bass but decided it didn’t need it. I think I’m having flashbacks to high school and listening to Ministry and Nine Inch Nails :smiley: .


Wow, you weren’t kidding, that was different! Really held my attention. Some very cool sounds in that one.

Thanks for the listen, Early.

I had fun with this one. A needed change of direction. I was cracking up every time I listened when making adjustments. I think it’s about time to get back into metal mode and see what kind of disturbing crap I can come up with :smiling_imp: :angry: :smiling_imp: .

Hiya Scott. I like this. Snare sounded a bit tame early on, thought it needed a bit more oomph, a phatter sound. Other than that, this sounds pretty good to me :sunglasses:

Hi Phil!

I know what you mean with that snare. That’s the one thing that was bothering me the most with this. Kind of sharp and snappy compared to the rest of the sounds. I’m working on some adjustments now. Just starting to try some different things. I don’t really know what I’m doing so I just try some things and compare. Totally in the learning stage when it comes to all of this.

Thanks for the listen and the comments. I’ll post another version if I can come up with a better mix. I think I have the snare tweaked with a little more punch now.

Yes that was interesting. Very athmospheric :slight_smile:
Judging by the other song on your profile page you really changed direction!
More comments on soundcloud.

Hi Scott.
So you’re a seeker, eh? :slight_smile:
I surely didn’t expect all that heaviness to come out of that intro. Not bad at all - though it would benefit from a bass, and some sort of theme.
It seems from your comments that you’re just sort of experimenting with the sounds and the styles.
With that in mind, I’m not sure what kind of critique you’re looking for. Is this a work in progress, or is it
done? Do you want to have it evolve into something bigger and longer, or are you going to move on to something else?
Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:


Strophoid, thanks for listening and for the SoundCloud comments. I spent some time reworking some things again last night and feel like the guitar parts you are referring to have a little more definition now.

Lenny, good to see you here and thanks for the response. I’ve been all over the map with styles of music lately. This was mostly just a break from the usual straight guitar playing and singing. Kind of an experiment I would say - not the type of thing I would normally focus on. I’ve been trying to learn some new things with the software and how to achieve a decent sound with my mixes in general.

After listening again and making more adjustments and tweaks I’m starting to hear some bass parts going on so hopefully by this weekend I’ll have a chance to try some different ideas.

I think this one is going to stay short and sweet. Maybe a few more ambient type sounds and some bass and then just trying to get the mix to sound more balanced and defined.

Hopefully I’ll have a new version to post this weekend. Maybe sooner if I can find enough time.

I think this is going to have to do it for the old Space Case. Bass added. Drum sounds changed. Too many other small tweaks to mention.

I already knew my bass playing was lacking in in skills department, but after listening to Lenny play I really need to start practicing. Very inspirational, my man.

Time to get back to some more traditional sounds I think.

Please let me know if you think I made any improvement.

I find that in the intro the bass doesn’t really blend in well, but from my comment on till the end it’s really a great addition. The mix has also improved much!

I couldn’t get the earlier version to play to compare. One thing that becomes evident maybe because of the bass, it that it is really based on one chord throughout. I think when the bass wasn’t there, more movement was implied. Just a thought that you might give the bass more variety. But I do like the whole thing.

Nice idea. Do you have additional synths that you could add for texture? Also it seemed to me that spoken word snippets from either a sample library of public domain film would addto the errieness Good work

I think I agree with you about the bass during the intro. Sounds a little out of place.

Yes, it does get a bit repetitive with the one chord approach. More variety would make it more interesting, for sure.

I did consider adding some more synth sounds for texture but didn’t want to risk turning it into a big wall of noise. It’s funny you mention adding spoken word elements. That was something I thought would be kind of cool, too.

I think I’m going to leave this one alone for now and maybe revisit it down the road. Thanks to all you guys for the feedback. It is truly appreciated. I felt intimidated to post anything for the longest time, but I need to hear honest opinions in order to make improvements. I feel like I’m making some progress. There are some really talented and helpful individuals here and I am proud to be a part of it. :slight_smile: