Space for verses sung

Hi, I need to determine the space of the verses.
Where can I watch to set a measure?
Otherwise for a next version, and can you enter the possibility of deciding this value in autonomy, please?
Thank you

Are you talking about the vertical space between two lines of lyrics? If so, you’ll find the setting in Engraving options>Lyrics

Thanks for your answer.
I mean this item.

Spento, non c’è spazio in più per accomodare i versi.


Accesso, sono usati le impostazioni nell … ‘Engraving Options’.

Eh lo so, per questo ho chiesto se c’è un modo per impostare in autonomia la distanza.
Sto cercando ogni metodo per ridurre il numero delle pagine perché l’Editore mi ha posto un limite alla lunghezza della composizione.

Secondo me, si può ridurre lo spazio tra i syllabi con questo:

che può avere un grande effetto sulle pagine.

If you need to reduce the horizontal space, there’s a setting in Layout options >Note spacing not to give space to lyrics. I realize now that this is the picture you’ve published. You’ll then need to space them by hand, using the Note Spacing sub-mode in Engrave mode. Very tedious. You could probably choose a font that takes less horizontal space (I use Linux Libertine O for this very reason : legible and reduced horizontal impact). The other advice reducing gaps is also very good.
Hope it helps!

Thank you all… :slight_smile:

This is a nice font, Marc. I’d never heard of it.

And yet, I never forgot to mention it in all the threads about lyrics fonts… :wink:


I invested in Butterick’s Equity font, very elegant alternative to Libertine O. Not cheap, but very well crafted. Beware, it can only be bought through his web site. Any other solution (like is theft and won’t provide you with a proper license.
[Edit]: I did not put the s at the right place in the name but don’t use this site: you’d pay to try a font, and no money goes to the creator (which is why it’s proper theft)

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That URL doesn’t go anywhere… Did you mean There’s a whole bunch of free-to-download fonts there but pretty much only of the gimmicky, “i get why this is free” variant. Certainly nothing I would use for lyrics, and also nothing that’s obviously pirated I think?

I myself have adopted the Alegreya family for pretty much everything, which is also relatively narrow. But Butterick’s Equity (and Valkyrie) are certainly on my radar in case I’d want to change my house style in the future. Maybe I should be buying one of those anyway to compensate for the amount of wisdom I’ve gotten from his Practical Typography.


That is probably the main reason I made the investment!

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@MarcLarcher I found the site you’re alluding to. That is indeed SUPER sketchy, saying it’s only for trial purposes! and please get them from the original creators! but then taking care not to tell who actually made it or linking to them, should you decide to pay full price for a legal version…

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