Space Monkeys

I burned a CD from a montage. Montage sounds great, CD sounds great but when I import the CD back into Wavelab and phase lock it with the original montage I get a sound like a distant waterfall mixed with space monkeys. This is not subtle, it gets up to -45 on loud passages.

There is no processing involved, no plug-ins or effects other than UV22 dither. Could this be something to do with the decoding on the CD import side?

Somewhat baffled here…


OK I’m an idiot. I just realized that I imported the CD to MP3 files.

I must say though it’s pretty frightening to hear what’s left over when you phase lock a wave and an MP3!

My apologies for the unnecessary post.


Agreed! The first time I loaded up the new Fraunhofer Pro Codec and heard … in real time … what information was actually being lost it was ‘educational’ to say the least.