Space note in a bar issues

Hi, i try to make a worksheet for rythm study but when i make a simple 4 quarter notes, these quarter note have a different space between these (see the pics). How to have a fix and regular space between note automatically ? Thanks for your answer.

That spacing will likely have to do with what’s on the other staves. The same given rhythmic position will be vertically aligned. If you let us see the big picture, it will be clear what’s causing that spacing.

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it’s this pattern that in want to study.
There’s no option for no vertically aligned ?

Try Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L to enter Layout Options, then choose ‘Note Spacing’ in the menu on the left.

Then play around, e.g. with the first option: increase the default spacing for crotchets.


Have you seen the note spacing documentation? Within it, there’s a guide to default note spacing.


I am a beginner, i need more practice for learn Dorico. Thanks for your help.

Also, in Note Spacing, try entering a custom spacing ratio of 2.

That’s the exact advice I gave him half an hour ago on the french speaking FB group :wink:

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Work fine, thanks


Great minds think alike, eh?

It should be pointed out that this technique should be used very sparingly. The first example pictured is correct, but under some circumstances might look better with perfect mathematical spacing.