Space Oddity

havent been here for a while heres a Bowie tune .

Hi Polgara, I don’t know where that link goes; seems to be to another forum post, but it doesn’t work.

hi Leon hope your well and thanks ,i`ll try again

Polgara, glad to hear from you. I’m well, hope you are too. Didn’t know you were a Bowie impersonator! Your vocal track is quite convincing. But of course you’re a better guitarist than he was!

Aside: you’re a dedicated strat player, right? Did you ever consider a base plate upgrade? I never use the bridge pickup; it’s thin, it’s weak, it’s too trebly, there’s no tone control, etc. A couple of recent videos alerted me to the fact that the main difference between a strat and tele bridge pickup is a metal base plate that boosts the power of the pickup as well as boosting the lower frequencies. I was thinking you might have experience. I don’t have a tele (therefore I have to buy one).

Hi Leon,thanks for the nice things you say,i love Bowie and it’s all good practice recording .I do the first vocal bit but my old friend Andy does the versus.I never realised that about the metal base plate i,ve also wondered if the through body strings might might make a difference sound to the tele ,you got me wondering now, drat ! gonna have to check out those videos.:guitar: