Space size information?

Is the space size of individual frames displayed anywhere on the page? I’ve made slight reductions in space size between frame breaks in highly packed tuttis, and it works perfectly. But, as the reductions are so small, I’d like to be able to check that the result of what I’ve set hasn’t inadvertently affected other frames. If I try this by clicking on the ‘space size’ button (Format in Engrave mode), it jumps to another (probably default) figure, so that’s not what I’m looking for.

You need to click on the frame break or system break where you set the independent space size (if that’s indeed what you did).

Changing the staff size at system/frame breaks lasts until the next break with the staff size set or the end of the flow. So unless you have inserted a break and “reset” the staff size, your change applies until the end of the flow.

I believe that when you first activate the property, the value is a generic one - the equivalent of a 7pt staff. If you want to reset to the size set in layout options, you can manually recreate that value for the “reset” break.

It would be nice if it was set to the size you have in Layout Options by default instead.


FWIW, that’s something I requested when that staff size property appeared, so it must be somewhere in the backlog. Let’s wait for this “property default values set in options when enabled” to be implemented!


Thanks for the responses. Much to my severe discomfiture, my adjustments seem to have undone much of my previous spacing edits, not only in bars of the same flow, but even in previous flows, and I’ve had to redo them all. From previous experience I’ve learnt to wait until the project is completely finished before starting on the tidying, ond then to do it strictly from start to finish, but that doesn’t seem to have worked. I haven’t tried Lock Frames yet - does that preserve staff spacing? I could then lock each frame as I complete work on it.
(Edit) Wow, no, it doesn’t. I’ve checked.

Provided the casting off doesn’t change, then your edits will be preserved. The way that staff spacing adjustments work these days is that provided the number of staves in the system matches, and the staves themselves match, even if the casting off changes, your adjustments will be retained. Lock Frame does not lock horizontal or vertical spacing adjustments, however: it merely fixes which bars and systems will appear in a particular frame by way of adding breaks with appropriate “wait for…” properties set.

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